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Build your own version of siimple
You can customize siimple and build your own version by editing the SASS/SCSS files placed in the ./scss folder.
Build siimple
We use Make Utility for compiling the SCSS files and generate the final CSS file. Be sure that you have installed NPM and Make in your computer. Then, you must install all the dependencies by running the following command:
$ npm install
You can compile the SCSS files running the following command from the root directory:
$ make build
Compiled CSS files will be available in ./dist folder. This command will also generate the minified version of siimple.
Importing SASS/SCSS
You can import siimple as a dependency using a package manager, and then import the SASS mixins in your project by adding the following line in your main scss file:
@import "siimple/index.scss";
You can also import individual SCSS styles:
@import "siimple/scss/elements/_btn.scss";
@import "siimple/scss/components/_alert.scss";
Remember that you should use the includePaths option of SASS to resolve the @import declarations.
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