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Class Names
How siimple is structured
siimple is based on the BEM (Block Element Modifier) methodology. Each class has the prefix siimple and is followed by one dash and the block name:
<div class="siimple-btn"></div>
A modifier of a block (colors, disabled, etc.) adds a double dash after the block name and then the modifier name:
<div class="siimple-btn siimple-btn--primary"></div>
There are also blocks that can contain elements inside. These elements adds a dash after the block name and is followed by the element name.
<div class="siimple-menu">
    <div class="siimple-menu-item>Menu item</div>
Also, any modifier bound to an element is denoted by a double dash after the element name and then the modifier name.
<div class="siimple-menu">
    <div class="siimple-menu-item siimple-menu-item--selected>Menu item</div>
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