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A light dialog component to display your custom content.
Added in v3.2.0
This is an experimental work in progress. There are some features that may not work properly in all browsers.
The modal component needs an element with the siimple-modal class and a container element with a siimple-modal-container class where all partials of the modal may be placed.
<div class="siimple-modal siimple-modal--medium" id="modal" style="display:none;">
    <div class="siimple-modal-content">
        <div class="siimple-modal-header">
            <div class="siimple-modal-header-title">Modal title</div>
            <div class="siimple-modal-header-close" id="modal-close"></div>
        <div class="siimple-modal-body">
            Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. 
            Praesent risus leo, dictum in vehicula sit amet, feugiat tempus tellus. 
            Duis quis sodales risus. Etiam euismod ornare consequat.
        <div class="siimple-modal-footer">
            Modal footer
<div class="siimple-btn siimple-btn--primary" id="modal-open">Open modal</div>
    document.getElementById("modal-open").addEventListener("click", function () {
        document.getElementById("modal").style.display = "";
    document.getElementById("modal-close").addEventListener("click", function () {
        document.getElementById("modal").style.display = "none";
siimple does not include JavaScript code, so you will have to implement the class toggle by yourself (you can copy the <script> section provided in the modal example code).
Modal header
Add an element with the class siimple-modal-header to display the header of the modal. The modal header can contain the following childs:
  • siimple-header-title: use it to display the title of the modal.
  • siimple-header-close: will display a cross in the top right corner of the modal.
Modal body
Add an element with the class siimple-modal-body to display a container where you can put the content of your modal.
Modal footer
Add an element with the class siimple-modal-footer to display a container where you can put the footer of the modal.
Modal sizes
You can modify the size of the modal adding a class siimple-modal--{size} to the parent modal container, where size is one of the following values:
  • small: will set the modal width to 600px.
  • medium: will set the modal width to 768px.
  • large: will set the modal width to 960px.
<div class="siimple-modal siimple-modal--small">
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